Why we are the best choice for your kids:


1.)  First off, to assure parents of our confidence, we offer our 
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE which most camps will not dare offer!  

2.)  All lessons are designed to teach the game in a way that instills
self-confidence, teaches leadership, sportsmanship, and how to be a better
teammate through positive motivation/high energy from coaching staff. 

3.)  Utilization of video analysis to help kids watch themselves just seconds after 
performing a drill, allowing them to more quickly understand what they’re doing wrong and how to correct it.

 4.)  Our patented 3 phase skill system to ensure no child is being pushed to do something they cannot yet do while moving other children that might be more advanced, preventing bad habits and boredom.  We use scientifically proven sports performance coordination and agility training to help both our new athletes, and those already playing at a higher level, gain in agility, speed, and coordination.

5.)  Each day in both morning and afternoon camps, we start off with a life lesson and discuss how the game of basketball relates to many things they currently encounter in their lives outside of the gym. Many parents tell us this is one thing we do differently from other camps that they love about